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Posted on 2020.09.06 at 14:51
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Posted on 2012.01.04 at 16:59
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my favourite photo and
one of my favourite quotes of all times....



Unusual PV screencaps

Posted on 2011.03.09 at 09:26
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I just love this PV!

the dancing and all that stuff!! ♥
I took 104 screencaps!
(mostly of Pi... but also of the two of them :) )

I was hard to take good sc, because they were dancing and singing all the time. LOL

enjoy! ^0^

*click on the pics for a larger view*


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Countdown ~ ♥

Posted on 2010.08.02 at 18:04
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Myspace Countdowns, Gemstones Countdowns at WishAFriend.com

*bounces up and down*

Tokyo watch out! xD